Episode 29 - "Trousers From The Waist Down"

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  • Song Name: Trousers From The Waist Down
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  • Year: 2017

Note From The Editor: Fans of The E14 Gamecast (and the E14 Podcasts in general), my sincerest apologies that it has been so long since the last podcast was released. In short, we had some audio issues that weren't entirely apparent during recording, which meant that the edits took significantly longer to bring to an acceptable level for release. This has now been remedied, thanks to our good friend Commander Cody of the Rogue Squadron podcast, and the episode is now available for your listening and digesting pleasure!

Rob is joined by Blake, Brad and Joe to talk about games. We've been playing a variety of games across video games and tabletop gaming, and we have some thoughts on them!

Games discussed include Sonic Mania, Battlefield Hardline, Batman: The Telltale Series and Uncharted: The Lost Legacy!

If you want to give us your thoughts on the games we talk about, ask us questions or even suggest topics for us to talk about, you can contact us by email using podcast@emotionally14.com, tweet @emotionally14 or find us on the Emotionally14 Facebook page! For our gaming videos, check out the E14 Plays Playlist on YouTube!

Rob is on Twitter @RobWadeVision, Joe is at @ItsJoeCrouch, Brad is at @RealBradHB and you can find Blake @FuckSakeBlake!

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