Episode 4 - Hello, I'm a little puppy!

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  • Song Name: Episode 4 - Hello, I'm a little puppy!
  • Artist: Emotionally Fourteen
  • Album: E14 Presents - The Crazy Train
  • Year: 2013

On this episode:

Brad is missing.
Omer gets thrown by a weird use of a carrier bag.
Rob tells his story of an EDL march (maybe).
Rob tells the story of how he was told off for "English Ignorance" and the irony of it.
Omer rants about dogs and perceptions of dogs.
We talk about racism (a running theme on The Crazy Train).
Rob has a rant about a particular phrase that irks him.
Rob tells a story about a strange dream he had involving the world's worst pickpocket.
Rob describes Blake's morbid approach to Urban Trial Freestyle, and the cast discuss a couple of things that don't make sense in games (including Rob gushing about Binary Domain).
The cast discusses a football racism story with a more palatable ending.

Starring: Omer Ibrahim, Blake Harmer, Rob Wade