Episode 43 - "You Think He Can Win?!"

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  • Song Name: Episode 43 - "You Think He Can Win?!"
  • Artist: Emotionally14
  • Album: The Crazy Train
  • Year: 2016

On this episode of The Crazy Train podcast, host Rob Wade is joined by Blake Harmer, Brad Harmer-Barnes and long-time absentee Ă–mer Ibrahim! He's been away adjusting to his newly acquired fatherhood, so we talk about that for a bit. Naturally, as is customary on the show, we steer in a completely different direction and end up talking about Sam Neill movies.

This show is also unique in that it was recorded the week before the US Presidential Election, and so makes reference to what *might* happen.

As is often the case on this show, listener discretion is advised, as we end on a story that could sound a bit dodgy if taken out of context. Also we curse up a storm #PrettyMuchStandard.

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