Episode 16 - Let's Play...Aliens! (30th Anniversary Special)

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  • Song Name: Episode 16 - Let's Play...Aliens! (30th Anniversary Special)
  • Artist: Emotionally14
  • Album: The E14 Gamecast
  • Year: 2016

Starring: Blake Harmer, Brad Harmer-Barnes, Rob Wade

On the 29th August 1986, James Cameron's Aliens was released in the United Kingdom. One thing we at E14 agree on is that we love the movie Aliens. One thing that we also like quite a bit is the Aliens board game, published by Leading Edge Games. Combining these things resulted in what you are about to enjoy, which is a Let's Play session where we go through the Reactor level of the Aliens board game. Unfortunately, technical issues didn't allow us to progress further through the recording, but what we got was an enjoyable show that we're publishing today as Episode 16 of "The E14 Gamecast".