Episode 20 - I've Found You!

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  • Song Name: Episode 20 - I've Found You!
  • Artist: Emotionally14
  • Album: E14 Presents: The Crazy Train
  • Year: 2014

In this episode:

Omer's hamster gets lost.
We talk Africa.
Brad just saw The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.
Omer and Brad talk Thor.
We talk about Will Smith, Nathan Fillion and such.
We talk pubs.
We talk upselling at local shops.
Omer talks getting his Xbox One.
We talk retail.
Blake talks about his unfortunate PS4 buying experience. He has one now though, so that's fine.
We talk purchasing.(Editor's note: Toy Story was 1995, not 1993. We know, Internet. Calm down in advance.)/li>
Omer gives some "customer is always an arsehole" perspective.
Blake talks about his PS4, and we have a civilised debate about consoles.
We talk weather.
Spike and Crouch tell a snow story.
We talk about stupidity and dated cultural references.
We have a slight technical glitch in our outro phase.


Rob Wade, Omer Ibrahim, Blake Harmer, Brad Harmer, Spike Direction, Sour Crouch.