E14 Year In Review - 2013

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In the Year in Review, Brad and Rob discuss:

The story behind E14 v1.0
Cartoon reboots.
Brad's feeling on punk.
Brad and Rob's 2013.
We talk about The Hobbit.
We talk movies of the year.
Rob tells a story about seeing the Evil Dead remake.
We talk about gaming (war, board and video)
We talk our theories on why journalism comes under fire in the modern age.
We talk about war, and other ways to brighten up our Saturdays.
We talk about our favourite games of the year across various categories.
We talk about the digital age (Editor's Note: I had the word "philistine" completely wrong - forgive me Internet, I have learned of my mistake)
We talk books.
We talk about this year's news.
We talk the E14 reboot.
We talk plans for 2E14 (The year of E14)