Episode 13 - Trash Wizard Begins...

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  • Song Name: Episode 13 - Trash Wizard Begins...
  • Artist: Emotionally Fourteen
  • Album: E14 Presents - The Crazy Train
  • Year: 2013

In this episode:

Rob gives a brief insight into why online dating is a mixed bag.
Omer does a wrestling match!
Rob wants to become a koala bear (apparently)
Omer issues a challenge.
Spike has a random question.
Rob discovers the Ohmer.
Rob tells a story about Chatham.
Omer tells a story about Sheppey.
Spike talks about Fringe things (the comedy place, not hair).
We pitch the Stuff Roadshow.
Omer has a wobbly raptor.
Rob gets a morality perspective.
Rob tells some Trash Wizard stories.

This episode includes an origin story of The Trash Wizard!

Starring: Rob Wade, Blake Harmer, Omer Ibrahim, Sour Crouch, Spike Direction