Episode 8 - Add to Cart!

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  • Artist: Emotionally Fourteen
  • Album: E14 Presents - The Crazy Train
  • Year: 2013

In this episode:

We talk about being a bit old when it comes to buying food/drink.
We talk about our purchases, and monthly niche magazines.
Omer deep-throats a sausage LIVE ON AIR.
Omer gives an update on his Legless LEGO Legatus
We talk food some more.
Rob discovers a gender-reassigning toilet.
Omer tells a festival story.
Rob rants about his old school.
Omer tells a story about his old teacher.
Blake talks about Ni No Kuni (Spoiler Alert)
We talk about good vs evil.
We talk about Google blocking child porn.
Omer sets us off on a rant on Facebook.
We go on a rant about Internet fame, the death of the high street...all sorts.
We talk about how cheap the modern world has made us feel.

Starring: Rob Wade, Omer Ibrahim, Blake Harmer, Brad Harmer.