Episode 62 - Jeremy Wrote In, And Thaaat's The Show!

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  • Song Name: Jeremy Wrote In, And Thaaat's The Show!
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  • Album: The Crazy Train
  • Year: 2018

Rob is joined by Blake Harmer and Brad Harmer-Barnes!

We get a bunch of listener questions from listener Jeremy!
•Q: How much The Rock is too much The Rock?
•We open an invitation to The Rock to be on the show!
•We talk a bit about action movies
•Q: Did you prefer watching The Rock lay the smack down in the wrestling ring or on the big screen?
•Q: People walking in front of you: Annoying bastards, or just one of those things?
•Q: How can we make London a nicer place to visit?
•We do an aside about Taylor Swift
•Q: Remakes and spin-offs of TV shows/movies. Yay or nay? (The real question is longer)
•We go off on a Tumbling Saber inspired tangent about actors who've done two or more superhero roles
•We go off on another tangent about non-Star Wars films with two or more Jedi
•Q: Where do you draw the line in horror movies where it's just gore for gore's sake?

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