Episode 60 - "Obscene Leonard Nimoy Quotes"

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  • Song Name: Obscene Leonard Nimoy Quotes
  • Artist: Emotionally14
  • Album: The Crazy Train
  • Year: 2017

Rob is joined by Blake Harmer, Brad Harmer-Barnes and a returning Spike Direction!

Discussion topics include:

•The Crazy Train is on Amazon Echo! (As is the Gamecast, we think)
•No new listener reviews
•Topical news shows
•Our spirit comedian
•The Crystal Maze
•Star Trek Discovery
•Cutting films
•Jack Nicholson
•Robin Williams
•Playing games with comedians
•From the mailbag, via @cloud_zombie: What are you excited for in 2018?
•From the mailbag, from @TheLordTom on Twitter: Remakes, Reboots and all-____ casts - Thoughts?