Episode 34 - "Near, Or Tomato?"

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  • Song Name: "Near, Or Tomato?"
  • Artist: Emotionally14
  • Album: The E14 Gamecast
  • Year: 2017

On this episode of The E14 Gamecast, Rob is joined by Blake Harmer and Brad Harmer-Barnes!
We get a few questions from listeners, including all sorts of stuff about conventions and collaborations!
We talk about a number of games, including:
Blood Bowl (the tabletop game)
Blood Bowl 2 (the videogame)
Terminator: The Miniatures Game
The Bunker
Nier: Automata
Near, Or Tomato?
LEGO: The Force Awakens
Divinity Original Sin
Batman: Arkham Knight
Imperial Assault
Wrestling games
Gang Beasts
Mobile games
Dynasty Warriors
Earth Defence Force
A bit of stuff about 2018's upcoming games
Get Your Game On!