Episode 59 - "Don't Be A Basic Blake!"

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  • Song Name: "Don't Be A Basic Blake!"
  • Artist: Emotionally14
  • Album: The Crazy Train
  • Year: 2018

On the first Crazy Train podcast of 2018, Rob is joined by Blake Harmer and Brad Harmer-Barnes!

Discussion topics include:

•Monopoly and some of the more obscure irritation that can cause
•Number 1 Superfan Paul J asks: What did Santa bring you for Christmas?
•Brad has a new "Most Grown Up Moment" in life
•The World's Hardest Jigsaw Puzzle
•We talk about our minor New Year's Resolutions
•What if Ozzy were to die while we were recording?
•We talk a bit about wrestling
•We talk a bit about Star Wars
•We talk a bit about Harry Potter
•We talk a bit about Crocodile Dundee
•All these subjects creep into a chat about conventions
•We pitch a new buddy cop comedy
•And many more!