Episode 6 - Captain Jack Sparrow!

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  • Song Name: Episode 6 - Captain Jack Sparrow!
  • Artist: Emotionally Fourteen
  • Album: E14 Presents - The Crazy Train
  • Year: 2013

On this episode:

Omer has another train fact for yo' asses.
Rob rants about Sweeps festival, specifically:
A bloke dressed like Captain Jack Sparrow
People forgetting how movement works.
Halloween costumes.
Omer interjects to tell a story about his friend, The Porn Collector.
Dessert kebabs and the Giggling Pig
Omer tells a story about getting into tabletop wargaming
We have fun with the Muppets Swedish Chef voice
Rob tells of his purge.
We talk about wrestling T-shirts.
We talk about mothers putting their foot in it unintentionally.
Omer tells a wrestling story
Rob tells a story about games he invented at Sweeps.
Omer shares a sad fact about rhinos.
Omer tells a story about the time his dad dropped his name.
We call out rhino keepers on their racism.
Blake ends the show on a pause.